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Preschool Learning Center values individual abilities, allows time for children to make choices, provides hands-on, age appropriate activities, promotes intellectual stimulation, and fosters creative learning. Critical thinking is also taught and includes math, science, and reading readiness activities. Use of good habits and desirable attitudes towards others is encouraged with emphasis on social development. Christian concepts are incorporated into our learning activities, including Old and New Testament Bible stories. This atmosphere in the classroom conveys and teaches Christian values.



A variety of developmentally appropriate curriculum for preschool is used to provide our experienced teachers with the resources available to help them set their goals and plan their daily lessons to meet the specific needs of students. Each class has Curriculum Goals and Objectives. Monthly themes are incorporated into lesson plans for each age group.


Our current curriculum includes parts of Handwriting Without Tears. Our teachers also provide their students with age appropriate, modified STEAM activities to challenge and enhance learning.

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