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About Me

Ms. Kimby, Director

Maple, School Mascot


Ms. Kimby is the heart, the mothership, the invaluable presence of Preschool Learning Center. She has been at PLC for 19 years molding this school into what it is today. Her goal is to make this preschool a family where students have a love for learning and parents can also find a sense of community. In fact, one of Ms. Kimby's most cherished events of the year is our annual Family Thanksgiving Feasts where we host families and students to join together over a meal of our famous turkey soup! 


Ms. Kimby's English chocolate lab, Maple, is our school mascot who welcomes children to school each day at the door. Students are delighted to see Maple and what she is wearing every morning. You can often find her in the classrooms during story time, checking in on centers, and even making her way to school events!

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