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Meet Our Staff


Ms. Kimby has been with PLC for fourteen amazing years, during which she has held a variety of roles including teaching. She studied Early Childhood Education and has a true love for helping children learn in new ways.

You will find Ms. Kimby at the front door of PLC each morning with a bright smile and cheerful welcome! While she has many roles to fill as Director, she believes the heart of the job is working directly with the children, so you will also find her in classrooms throughout the day.


Ms. Hinton has been with PLC for four years, but has taught for ten! She holds a Bachelor's Degree, has four children of her own, teaches VBS and Sunday School for Leesburg Community Church, has Brownie/Girl Scout leader experience, and has always been an active PTA member. She understands the importance of early child education from both the teacher and parent perspective.

She thoroughly enjoys interacting with the kids every day and seeing their growth in every way (educationally, spiritually, emotionally) and those “ah-ha” moments when something clicks for them.


Ms. Sanchez has been with PLC for twelve years, but has thirty-five years of teaching experience. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary education with concentrations in early childhood, art for elementary, and reading from Geneseo State College.

She enjoys the academic education of young children in a Christian environment that also nurtures their spiritual growth.

In addition to teaching Pre-Kindergarten, Ms. Sanchez also teaches Sunday School for Leesburg Community Church. Ms. Sanchez has a love for children that is evident as soon as you meet her.


Ms. Gryder has been with PLC for eight years and holds a in Degree in Early Childhood Education.

She loves watching children learn a new concept and the excitement it brings to them, as they are like sponges and take it all in.

Ms. Gryder is a parent to three girls and her husband is also a teacher. She spends her spare time with her family and cheering her daughters on when they are playing their favorite sports. Education and family are extremely important to her!


Ms. Gleason has been with PLC for eight years, but has taught for ten! She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Fordham University.


She feels  teaching preschoolers opens your heart and mind. They have a unique and refreshing outlook on life and their unending curiosity inspires me everyday. It is an absolute joy  for Ms. Gleason to be a part of their spiritual, emotional and academic growth. Teaching has provided her the ability to be creative and innovative in developing new and better strategies for reaching children.


Ms. Tammy Lison has been with PLC for four wonderful years, but has taught for ten! She holds a Bachelor's in Early Elementary Education.

She loves mixing knowledge and imagination together to create experiences that allow a child's curiosity to take over. She is a passionate and devoted teacher; PLC is blessed to have her.

Classroom teachers, assistants, and office staff are First Aid/CPR and AED Certified.


Ms. Quinn has taught for PLC for two years! Ms. Quinn has children of her own and began her career in education as a substitute for her daughter's school. Later, she held positions as a Preschool Physical Education Teacher and Teacher's Assistant.

Ms. Quinn loves watching the kids grow and learn from her teachings. PLC is blessed to employ such an upbeat and friendly teacher.


Ms. Trentor has been with PLC for two years. She is a career switcher, previously employed as an office manager and admin for almost thirty years. She and her family moved from Minnesota four years ago and she is so grateful God lead her to PLC.


She loves the surprises that come with two year olds, as they can say and do things that make you laugh for days! Ms. Connie is such a light in our school.

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