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Jo Anna Quinn

2's Teacher

My name is Jo Anna Quinn. I call myself Miss J in class, but if students can say Miss Jo Anna, they’re welcome to do so. This will be my 5th year working with Miss Connie in the 2’s class at PLC. Before PLC, I worked at my daughter's preschool at a substitute and recreation teacher. I was also a room mom 3 days a week in my daughter's kindergarten class (she is now in 7th grade).

Our family moved to VA in 2017 for my husband's job. We are originally from Chicago, IL, and moved to TX in 2013 for my husbands job and then to VA. Virginia was our goal for living when we came out here for our mini-honeymoon in 2007. We now live in Leesburg and LOVE it here. We enjoy the mountains, being able to travel 3 different states in one day, and being close to the nation's capital.

I originally got into teaching because it went well with my kids school schedule (4th grader and 7th grader now). I now teach for the fact I love seeing little minds grow. I enjoy welcoming each child into the classroom and seeing how they grow throughout the year. I love hearing from parents how their child comes home and talks about what they’ve learned in school that day. It makes me feel that I’m leaving a positive impression on them and I love that. Seeing the kids play on their own and by the end of the year have a ‘Best Friend’, or having an actual conversation with the teachers, is awesome.

The most important thing we want for the kids is to have fun and enjoy the time they have at school!

Jo Anna Quinn
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