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Connie Trentor

2's Assistant

My name is Connie Trentor. I’m from MN and I’ve been married 30 years to my husband John. We have two children, Shane (29) and Rachel (27), and a grandson (Jaxon) who will be 2 in October.

My husband and I recently moved from an apartment to a home in Leesburg. It’s been exciting doing the yard work, planting and taking care of the shrubs & flowers outside. I really enjoy the gardening.

I’ve also found an interest in crocheting. A blanket I made for Jaxon has even become a favorite! It’s a fun and rewarding hobby I’d like to pursue further.

And my job? I’d say it is much too fun to be considered work. Of course, kids can be challenging.. but they are SO precious! Maybe we should call it a hobby as well!

Connie Trentor
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